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We are a passionate community, creating awareness for all willing to explore.

Let’s walk the path of well being together.

Featured Events

Release Your Emotional Baggage
 To Live Your Ideal Life
August 13, 2018 6:30PM
South College 
CHEO has another amazing panel lined up for you in August to help you explore your mental and emotional health options.

Angelyn Nicholson of Your Therapy Space  EMDR, Trauma, ADHD and More!
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When Past Lives Affect The Present: Unlocking A Deeper Understanding
August 22, 2018 6:30PM
Rarity Bay Community Center 
InFullSight connects with the Akashic Records to help you deepen self understanding: the why's, how's, what's, and who's of everything you are navigating.
Their wisdom covers this life and past lives to help broaden your awareness and uncover new solutions.
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Freedom From Empty: Using Play To Spark Connection & Creativity
September 10, 2018
South College
Did you know that play is a conduit for restoring energy, reducing stress, increasing creativity, enhancing connection, and building resilience?
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Awakening From Alzheimer’S Docu-Series
September 26, 2018
Loudon Visitors’ Bureau
CHEO Presents Special Showings of
Awakening from Alzheimer’s Docu-Series         
It is for the most part preventable and even reversible!
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Member Spotlights

Patrice Rennick

My name is Patrice Rennick and I’ve been an RN since 1982.   My husband and I moved from Michigan to Tellico Village in August 2017.

My specialty in nursing is wound and ostomy care; I still work part time with a durable medical equipment company as a consultant.

In 1997, my then 8-year-old cat Pia was diagnosed with chronic renal failure.  At the time, the vet said that aside from changing her food, there wasn’t anything he could do or recommend.   He said Pia may have about one year to live.

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Stephen Kerr

My name is Stephen Kerr. I want you to know that I enjoy helping people and I am passionate about what I teach.

There was a need to bring Tai Chi/Qigong to people in a manner that was not only easy for them to learn and use, but was also correct. Sixteen years ago, I answered that need in Knoxville with my business Clear’s Tai Chi, offering Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong teaching. What has carried me this long and why five years from now I hope to still be doing what I am is my desire to help other people. 

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Our organization makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy or suitability of any information contained therein. Information provided via the CHEO of Greater Knoxville Area website, newsletter and programs does not constitute medical advice or treatment and is not intended to replace the patient/physician relationship or a physician’s professional judgment.

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